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  • RELAX, GET COMFORTABLE, STOP MAKING TRIPS BACK AND FORTH TO THE FAUCET! If you have no valve in your backyard, don't fret! Simply turn the shut off lever, and leave the hose for the entire summer! TAKE CONTROL! Easily adjust your sprinklers without running to and from the faucets to see if it is working! Turning on the faucet during the summer becomes 10X easier, because instead of cranking the spigot handle 10-20 times, simply give a quarter turn and you have water!
  • RUSTPROOF, NO LEAKS. The 2wayz straight shutoff valve was designed with the highest quality in mind. With a solid and tight valve, it is designed to never leak or drip. NO RUSTING! Unlike some other models which will rust in a few months, our valve is made out of a combination of strategically placed hardened PVC plastic and zinc, and will never rust. RUSTY UNIT? = GET A FULL REFUND!
  • 1-2-3 INSTALL, OPTIMIZED FOR CONVENIENCE & USABILITY. Easily install the shut off valve by screwing it onto your water hose or spigot with ease! With the TPR rubber coated body, the straight valve is anti-slip, which means you can grip it even with wet hands! Easily turn the LONG 4CM KNOBS (ideal for people with arthritic hands) to turn the water on and off. Unlike other shut off nozzles, ours will never stiffen with age. Smoothest knob turns, or you can ACTIVATE YOUR FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
  • MONEY SAVER - TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT, DON'T CALL THE PLUMBER!  Are you thinking of calling your plumber to take apart and fix your leaky faucet (and paying $100+?) PUT THE PHONE DOWN! The shutoff valve will stem your leaky faucet with one simple lever turn!
  • STOP GETTING SOAKED, STAY DRY AS A BONE! If you find yourself constantly dropping the hose on the ground and having the water spray in your face, our shut off valve is the perfect item for you! When you are finished with the nozzle, flip the knob, and DROP THE HOSE ALL YOU WANT! You can also use this in conjunction with a hose nozzle, since you can keep the switch off, and easily change or unscrew the nozzle without the water spraying all over you.


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