Mini Blue Rabbit Bonsai-200 pcs

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  • About 30-40 days that is able to germinate, after germination, the removal of mulch, so sunny place, but avoid glare, avoid exposure. Let the rest of us have enough patience to wait for it to grow it.
  • After sowing, cover with plastic wrap or a glass, play a role in holding moisture. Put a lot of light at, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Watering during the cultivation once every 5-7 days, every five days in an amount to maintain the soil is moist. T he seeds did not germinate when watering watering can to use to prevent the seeds were washed away. Pick up the watering plastic wrap or glass plate, finished pouring and then covered. Emergence of time to remove plastic wrap or glass, mixed with water for watering flowers ABT, ABT done twice per pack use, each mixing 100 grams of water.
  • The humus soil into the pot (leave a little bit, there will be a use oh), irrigated until the water seepage after smoothing down the soil surface.
  • Package includes: 200 pcs/pack x Succulent Seeds


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